Rolling One Day In MACAU’

 Guys Don’t Do you think one day is enough to get around In Macau/?
Well,Its a Yes!
All you need is to be a Traveller and not a Tourist for the day.
Start your trip visiting Convention Tower with a veiw
that will make you believe in this World from 66thfloor, than head to the beautifull and Historical Ruins Of St.Paul’s where you step closer to the untouched history of and finally take a breath move around,(NeverStopExploring) Come back to one and only ,The Venetian Macao “Exciting”
For me Venetian was never ending ,I walked the whole night in the most glamorous building I have ever been, hence Making Memories.

// StopAndAppreciateEachAndEveryThingThatMakesYouSmile \\


The Venetian
Gondola Ride
The Casino
The Convention Tower
Ruins Of St.Paul’s

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