Want to own the most natural RED CARPET  of your life ,Take a Train From ITALY To explore French Riveria and feel the pulse of the most breathtaking veiws of Côte D’ Azur.

“CANNES”Apart from The Film Festival venue Make sure when You arrive at the train station  to walk around a bit on your foot to explore the city.Within Minutes you can see the  “CROISETTE” The most spectular walk in the world.Get Yourself tanned , walk on the Beach,Get your feets  pampered in  sand with most natural pedicure ever,and head towards the street by the shore  which explains you how fashion and beauty commend each other. From D&G,L.V To GUCCI you have the most luxurious possession of Fashion World which compliment the beach like nothing else could. Never forget to Brunch In a French Restaurant because they spoil you with the most gregarious faces serving appetizing Food.By twilight you are good to appreciate the City lights by the shore with the most pecular veiws of fluttering casinos,Hotels and Restaurants

When  In CANNES,Your outfit needs to match both beach and the Film Glamour.So Why not Match your SwimSuits with Classic Skirt

 \\//OVS SwimSuit Top\\//ZARA WrapSkirt\\//ZARA Pearl Ballerina\\H&M SWIM SUIT//H&M SHADES\\H&M CHOKER//\\



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