“LETTER” To My Lill’Sister When She Turns 16

Dear one,you will be 16 when You read this letter.Fairly,you have grown into a beautiful soul and ready to explore out.Girl,I want you to know Its a big world that you will be dealing Now.

SO,hoping this letter will always remind you Who you Are and LIFE is Happy at the END.Little one,Its the phase of your life when you will understand the importance of  things but I want you to take Risk always.No matter what this society or people thinks about You but You should be the one You feel confident IN.

There’s going to be lot of things which may mis-guide you but Make sure you make Mistakes  because that’s how you learn To stand up In your Life.Don’t be folded by World but make sure You always make your Parents and Family Proud.

Be Strong,stand up  for what Is Right not Just for you But for the people around too.

Never be dishearten about Yourself, Ever because Your are a beautiful person and I believe In YOU. People will be judgemental ,sometimes harsh & rude blah blah But don’t give that power to others to make you feel Bad.

FORGIVE ,Be KIND and Have COURAGE. Be yourself and Respect the life You are living By making it Worth.

At the end I know you are going to turn into a Strong and Kind Lady.So,my little sister No matter what how hard it gets always remember People who Love you are just Right By your side.

I carry your heart I carry It in my heart,Love You.

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