I Am Not A Poet AfterAll’

LIFE,why so Bright When I am near SEA;

LIFE,Why so Happy When I walk by the BAY;

Its Like the High Tide which bounds me to :

                            BELIEVE in the BEAUTY of Nature

                            To All The Blue’s and Green’s that SHINE

                            Are  These The Color Of Happiness?

WELL,Nobody ever answered or Should I say Can’t Explain

As the Truth Lies Beneath The Unseen Depth of SEA

Which just Keep BUSHING and Telling :

                          DEAR,I am Just a Nature’s Creation

                          But to BELIEVE in it and Finding The 

                          HAPPINESS is Upon YOU.

It Says

“COME and Visit me in Your LOW’S AND HIGHS

With A Believe that EVERYTHING is Going To Pass

After All IT’S a BEAUTIFULL World To LIVE In”

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