I  had my dream of Being In Venice and geting lost in the azure beauty of its Stories.

What I found was impossible to Hold  into the romanticism of my mere imagination of VENICE.

Took a train from Milan to Venice and in few hour I was there standing and waiting to slip through the fairytale of every Venetian lover.A one day pass for transport is the best to see around.First stop is to Visit the most dramatic and idyllic example of architecture THE  “St.Mark’s Square” to retort why its called  “the drawing room of EUROPE”.

((GO -TO Advice: Keep your food safe when walking around the square because you have lots of big big flying friends wanting your food ))

CAMPANILE Of St Mark’s Church is the best place to witness the beauty of venice from a height.Visit the tower,take the lift and you are on the highest level to be into the blue of Venetian town. As I always say don’t forget to stroll  around and explore  the eensy-weensy shops,bridges and path offering you the best of Venice.

Offcourse,the Gondola Ride is on every one’s list to experience but on personal Note I would not suggest it on Weekend or peak Tourist Days.Make time to visit the most famous Glass Factory and the end Visit “The Rialto Bridge”,the oldest bridge across the canal offering you the best gelato and shops of Made in Venice.

But the thing that made me lost was the street Music all around the area.The sound came to me as a  sweet melody hailing of  being in venice and in love with it,most of it In love with life and How beautiful can it be.

“Artist  describe VENICE in most poetic ways,paintings etc but for me VENICE teach me a life lesson :Besides your odds,master to outshine your pure soul,love,happiness,sorrow and sail in your journey of Life.”



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